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Private Dining

Established at the end of 2000 my wife and I have tastefully replicated that Mediterranean comfort factor that we crave on our holiday travels – the warm colours of orange and terracotta with its rustic ambience of beams and wooden floorboards.

Our menu reflects the taste of the Mediterranean – fresh cooking, fresh herbs and simple tastes. Why create sophisticated dishes when the taste is in the raw ingredient itself.

We look forward to welcoming you to our relaxing and rustic home.

“ …………. the warmth lies within.”

Our menu is freshly prepared and offers a good variation of Mediterranean style dishes. Not necessarily a large menu since the kitchen cupboard, “alias my kitchen”, is rather small, and can only manage a certain number of dishes at any one time, we are sure you will appreciate the simple tastes and bright colours.

Our menus are flexible offering lighter dishes during the warmer months and more hearty dishes when the colder evenings draw in. Specific dietary requirements can be accommodated wherever possible.

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