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Slow baked Pork Belly in Cotswold Cider


Orzo with pesto, basil and pumpkin seeds

Roasted red pepper and sun sweet tomato with balsamic dressing

Crunchy sugar snap, asparagus and safflower with lemon and cayenne pepper


Sauteed white potatoes


Artisan breads and flatbreads




Dark chocolate and raspberry roulade

Lemon brulee

Mezze sharing Starter on Boards

Lamb Filo Parcels, Olives, Meats, Dips, Wood Fired Flatbreads




Spiced Lamb Tagine on Mediterranean cous cous


Toasted herb/  Garlic flatbreads


Wild green leaves with fresh mint dressing

Cucumber, red onion and sun sweet tomato salad



Caramelised apple and apricot tart with crème fraiche

Parma Ham and Sun Blush Tomatoes on Mozzarella and Pea Shoots




Pan fried Saffron Chicken and bittersweet figs in a light pomegranate jus


Hot dauphinoise potatoes

Smoked bacon & garlic fine beans

Roasted red peppers/ Spring onions/ Courgettes




Vanilla pod brulee

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