Sadlers Takeaway

Tuesday & Saturday 9a.m. - 2p.m.

Traditional Cornish Pasty  £3.00 (dg)

Chilli Beef Pasty £3.00 (dg)

Cheese & Onion Pasty  £3.00 (dgv)

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Vermicelli Puff £4.50 (dg)

Large Warm Sausage Roll  £2.50 (dg)

Wiltshire Ham & Cheese Croissant  £3.50 (dg)


(contains g= gluten, d=dairy, v= vegetarian)


Bacon & Brie with Crispy Green Leaves £4.50 (dg)

BLT £4.50 (dg)

Roasted Red Pepper, spinach & Hummus £4.50 (dg)

Artisan Breads


Millers Bread (Dark, Malty Loaf) 750g £3.50

V. Large Sourdough (baguette shaped) 1100g  £4.95

Buchette Noire(Dark Oaty Seed Baguette)340g  £3.50

Stone Baked Flute £2.50

Sun Blush tomato Foccaccia (half) £6.50

Sunflower & Honey Star Loaf  £3.50


Chocolate Pastry Stick  £1.25 (dgv)


Plus......Apple Tart (not available at the moment), Gooey Brownie, Croissants and many more sumptuous cakes!!!  

Pre Order on Facebook/Sadlers or email us or leave a message with order/name/contact number 01367 240678. Last orders by 8p.m. either Mon or Fri for collection Tuesday/ Saturday 9a.m. - 2p.m.

Tel: (01367) 240678  |  Email:


Restaurant Hours: By private arrangement. Coffee Shop: Saturdays 9.30a.m. onwards. Tel: (01367) 240 678

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