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About Us

Quality Cuisine & Impeccable Service

Having worked at five-star establishments (Gleneagles and Moor Park Golf Club to name but a few), Sietske and I dreamt up 'Nosh!' over a hot chocolate and a (large) packet of peanut M&Ms on one cold February evening while sitting in front of the log-burning stove.

Nosh! Ltd was formed in April 2000; our first venture Herbs! – our restaurant – came into being year in December that same year.

With Herbs! our aim was to evoke the warmth and rustic simplicity of the Mediterranean ~ the warmth of orange and terracotta colours: the simplicity of old oak beams and broad, old, wooden floor-boards. Our menus reflect the taste of the Mediterranean too - fresh ingredients, fresh herbs, fresh cooking and simple tastes. Why create over-sophisticated, over-complicated dishes as the truest tastes are those of the raw ingredients themselves. Judging by the popularity of our restaurant a lot of people feel the same way too.

Approximately two years later, the adjacent building became available; we needed more space for our expanding family but on the ground floor, in what had been a saddler’s shop, we decided to create something new for Faringdon. The Sadlers deli-café was born in November 2002.

The desire for a great cup of coffee in a local, relaxed and friendly environment encouraged us to create a concept of fine-food shopping and fantastic coffee all under one beamed ceiling. Since then, we have moved on a little more - now adding colourful, tasty light lunches for grown-ups and munchkins alike.

The restaurant, deli and café led to a lot of requests for private catering, first for christenings then corporate buffets and then wedding receptions. So as Herbs! and The Sadlers grew, we found a third branch evolving – OUTSIDE CATERING!

The Sadlers of Faringdon Caterers has developed into a full-time business in its own right, rewardingly becoming more successful with every year.

So…none of those ‘cardboard’ sandwiches, botched boiled eggs or uninspiring “Coronation Chicken” on our menus! Just great, colourful cuisine at competitive prices.

Our Team

We Love to Cook

At Sadlers Catering, we understand that your event is an important occasion and we are dedicated to making it a memorable experience for you and your guests. Our A-class team is committed to providing exceptional service and quality food to ensure that every detail is taken care of. Whether you are planning a small, intimate gathering or a large-scale event, we have the expertise to make it a success.


Learn more about our dedicated staff and feel free to reach out to us with questions regarding our products and services.


Paul & Sietske Johnson


The dynamic duo of Sadlers Catering, Paul and Sietske, bring their passion and experience to every event they cater. The two have been working together for 20+ years, creating memorable experiences for every client. 

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