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Prop Hire

With Sadlers Catering we will turn an okay event into a “WOW” event for you and your guests. Using our props as a narrative we will create a vision of the fantastic and leave them with treasured memories of the event. Cocktail tables, beautiful games, glamorous vintage props, our specially designed rustic themed centre pieces, extra guests seats, giant chair signs (for seating arrangement) - the list is endless. Why settle for an ordinary evening? Trust us when you enter a room you will look and feel a million dollars, your guests will be talking about your wonderful taste and style with envy, and they will leave with only fantastic memories of the night. Sadlers Catering can do all of this for you! Contact us to help you source quality props so you don’t have to. Our team are happy to work with you and arrange the props for your special evening.

Let’s Work Together

24 Market Place,

Faringdon, SN7 7HU

Tel: 01367 240678

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